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Designed in conjunction with Third Rock Ventures and AWS, the Simple Cloud Accelerator is a spiritual successor to the Biotech Blueprint Quickstart.

The Simple Cloud Accelerator (SCA) is a multi-account landing zone designed specifically for Life Sciences organizations looking to scale up on AWS.  Implemented with CDKv2 TypeScript, the solution enables quick and seamless scale while including sensible guardrails (such as budget alerts) to help even novice users deploy a multi-account landing zone in alignment with best practices.

The curious user will find the solution is jam-packed with sample code, helpful Intellisense, and documentation for common operations (such as deploying a new AWS account) to enable you to level up your AWS skills while leveling up your science.



The Challenge 

The Biotech Blueprint 2.0, developed by AWS and Third Rock Ventures, has been widely used as a reference architecture and foundational deployment for years in the Life Sciences industry. While powerful in its heyday, it was time for a refresh.

The codebase was written in CDKv1, it was a bit clunky to deploy, and the overall design needed an update to align with modern best practices. To that end, AWS and Third Rock Ventures engaged Tennex to design, code, and implement a new solution to serve as a foundational reference architecture for years to come.

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"Using the Simple Cloud Accelerator on AWS, new companies start operating right away. They operate effectively and securely in an environment that we’ve vetted"


- Vice President of Platform Operations


The Solution

Tennex designed this solution with one goal in mind:  make it simpler. The architecture needed to be simpler, the deployment streamlined, and the codebase more accessible.

The Simple Cloud Accelerator is a "landing zone" or, multi-account deployment, of foundational infrastructure on AWS. The deployment includes all the components required to get started on AWS, and puts Life Sciences companies on the right path for future scale. It's not designed to be a fully-baked enterprise solution in its own right, but is designed to enable scale as your company scales. With built-in flexibility and an easily extendable codebase, the SCA will mature right alongside your organization.

For a deeper dive into the overall project, check out the official AWS case study.

Solution Overview

The Simple Cloud Accelerator includes three foundational accounts:

  • Organization Account
    • Admin Ops, budgets, costing data
  • Security Account
    • Logging, security guardrails
  • Shared Services Account
    • IT Ops, centralized networking

as well as a codebase written in CDKv2 TypeScript, and built-in support for any SSO provider (Okta is shown in the diagram).  There are numerous built-in guardrails aligned with AWS best practices and vetted by AWS Solution Architects, including Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Config.

This solution can be easily extended to ingest an existing workload, or deployed greenfield. Over time, you can extend this foundational deployment to mature alongside your company.

For a deeper dive, check out our reference code on GitHub.